Why Bother With
Website Testing Service?

A website without rigorous testing is like food without salt. It may look good, but have no taste. Huge capital invested in campaigning and promotion of a website would be just not worthy if end user experience is not good in terms quality. To guarantee quality of your web product software testing is a necessity. We at Webbrains completely focus on this quality and make sure it is preserve during and after the development cycle of your website by providing excellent testing services.

Webbrains Technologies- We Design To Impress

With so many options available choosing the BEST website design company is not a simple task. So to help you make an informed decision we have compiled a list that you must look into before you hire a professional website design company.

Functionality & Database Testing

Faulty payment gateway, dormant links, and functionality related issues disappoint website visitors. Under its exhaustive functionality and database testing process, Web Brains Technologies team:


  • Tests application’s main functions
  • Uses different testing techniques to find errors
  • Examines registration, links, save, update, edit and delete functions
  • Tests lead generation forms, login, site search & navigation
  • Checks functioning of application with valid & invalid inputs
  • Examines integration with CMS and backend database
  • Tests SSL certification, payment gateway and checkout process
  • Studies functioning of third party API integrations
  • Examines acid properties validation and data integrity
  • Also analyzes procedures, triggers and functions

Poor site performance = 79% fewer chances of repeat purchase

Cross Browser & Platform Testing

Make your website offer best experience on outdated as well as latest browsers. As experienced website testing company, we use proven browser testing processes to make websites perform flawlessly. Our testing mechanism includes:


  • Testing website’s accessibility & compatibility on multiple browsers
  • Analyzing font size & style, text padding, and color related issues
  • Checking site navigation, placement of graphics, and overall look
  • Ensuring smooth working of CSS, HTML and JavaScript functions
  • Evaluating website’s load time on different browser versions
  • Analyzing functioning on operating systems like Mac and Windows
  • Testing responsive websites on multiple mobile devices
  • Checking components like Javascript, Flex, & Applets on multiple browsers

Test each web page on 12+ browser versions before launch

GUI, UX and Usability Testing

A user-friendly site with quick buying process gives better results. We audit website pages on predefined parameters to promise superior onsite user experience. Under this testing process, we:


  • Test Information Architecture & page layout
  • Check accessibility and placement of CTA buttons
  • Examine readability, font use, content padding
  • Study placement of images, media & input fields
  • Analyze appearance of error, success & warning messages
  • Examine navigation and UX on multiple screen resolutions
  • Test visitor behavior through parameters like bounce & exit rate
  • Check Google Analytics & behavior data to share critical findings

73% firms that aren’t going for UX testing will invest in next 12 months

Web Security Testing

Increased online transactions and data theft instances makes security testing almost a necessity. We make sure that confidential data remains secure by:


  • Conducting website checkup for common security loopholes
  • Authentication and authorization testing
  • Examining business logics, data validation, & session management
  • Sharing suggestions to avoid industry specific & admin security threats
  • Preventing access to website through unethical ways
  • Ensuring security of important data and online transactions
  • Examining website for spoofing, URL manipulation, XSS, & SQL injection
  • Testing website for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities
  • Penetration testing and ethical hacking

Around 59% users of banking services fear online fraud.

Mobile Application UX & Functional Testing

Rapid growth of mobile search makes it important to check your website’s performance on smaller devices. Web Brains Technologies team perfects user experience of mobile applications by:


  • Testing app functionality across multiple mobile devices & OS
  • Selecting appropriate simulators and emulators
  • Checking content adaptability & visual appeal on multiple devices
  • Conducting UX and navigation testing on multiple devices
  • Testing for non-functional cases like battery usage & installation
  • Checking load time on multiple mobile OSs & performance analysis
  • Conducting security testing for mobile applications
  • Using open source and paid mobile automation tools for testing

More than 1.2 billion people use mobile devices to access internet.

Load Time & Performance Testing

A website that breaks down or flashes the ‘over capacity’ message suffers traffic & business loss. This is the reason why Load, Stress and Performance testing is critical. We use stringent testing processes and tools like JMeter and Neoload to;


  • Check website’s performance in controlled environment
  • Locate performance bottlenecks in the system
  • Verify average response time on critical pages
  • Identify performance limiting issues in system architecture
  • Recommend strategies to improve response time
  • Make comparisons with other industry websites
  • Check system performance for maximum load & high traffic
  • Monitor database locks and memory use

51% U.S. online shoppers quote slow loading as top reason of ‘not buying’

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Make sure that end users can work with the website, software or application in real world scenarios without any difficulty.Web Brains Technologies team works with following points while conducting UAT:


  • Studying application behavior
  • Creation of test team comprising real-world end users
  • Validating the software against business requirements
  • Ensuring that system supports day-to-day business and user needs
  • Designing easy to understand test cases and scenarios
  • UAT environment setup and deployment process
  • Recording & reporting of all bugs and issues
  • Sharing of reports and recommendations

User acceptance testing minimizes chances of rejection by end users

Automation Testing

Accelerate testing cycles by avoiding unnecessary manual testing routines. Web Brains Technologies promises quick website testing and minimum transition efforts by:


  • Identifying software areas for automation
  • Making new script additions easy with flexible framework
  • Using script libraries that increase accuracy and test coverage
  • Testing for stable software functionality
  • Development & execution of test scripts
  • Reporting outcomes and comparing results
  • Conducting regression testing through automation test scripts
  • Using wide collection of standard and open source testing tools

More than 40% firms overspend on projects by not choosing automation testing.

Why outsource website testing to Webbrains Technologies team?

Web Brains Technologies is counted amongst the top website & application testing companies, and has gained recognition for its scientific testing processes and techniques. Global brands are outsourcing their website testing work to Web Brains Technologies for following reasons;


Vast Testing Experience

Webbrains Technologies has been active in the web industry since 2004 & has spent an entire decade working on challenging projects & testing assignments.


Proven Testing Methods

Our team of experienced testing engineers undertakes thorough testing to make sure that no technical issue goes unnoticed.


Experienced Testing Engineers

We have a dedicated team of certified testing professionals that are well versed with newest testing methodologies, processes & techniques.



In addition to sharing testing findings & reports, Webbrains also suggests improvements that will drastically improve performance.

Developers often overlook menial details that are actually critical for business point of view. For instance, payments in sandbox mode and emails sent to developer rather than client. You can count on us for discovering & fixing such issues.

Due to limited testing capabilities, automated tools rarely free a website or application from all technical and non-technical issues. Delegate your software testing work to Web Brains Technologies for best results.

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